Mums in Business

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Multi-tasking and time management lessons learnt while rearing children, running the household and complex situations over a long period of time, makes mums well equipped to be able to run a business. However, there is a difference between this and the ‘superwoman syndrome’, clever mumpreneurs recognised that to achieve all this success requires a lot of assistance and actively seeks help.

Important Message from Successful Mumpreneurs:


Haiving-It-All doesn't mean


Mums in Business

is Big Business!


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Just some of the new businesses springing up to cater for this group of business women, as women themselves find solutions to caring for their family and employment.

Mums in Business


The fastest group of women starting their own business are mothers.


Characteristics of the New ‘Mumpreneurs’


Internet savvy and social networking experts, and therefore more likely to start an internet business


•Also biggest online consumers


•Sells solutions to mum related problems


•More likely to seek business support before starting a business than male counterparts


•Prefer to fund businesses using family and personal finance


•More likely to have higher level of education


•Businesses no longer confined to stereotypical industries

Important Trend to Note:


This is the group that are self perpuating the industry of women empowering women n business.s Mums are more likely to do business with other mums and create opportunities for eachother.


Mums in Business is now Big Business!

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